Which Super Mario Bros Character Are You? When you think of OG Nintendo games, Super Mario Bros is undoubtedly one of the first things that come to your mind. After releasing in 1985, the video game became one of the most popular in history. From this one game spawned a franchise of countless other video games, movies, books and more. It isn't easy to find someone who doesn't know who Mario, Luigi and their friends are.

Everyone has their favorite Super Mario Bros character. When more characters became playable in later expansions, there was always one that you'd pick whenever possible. Maybe it was the tall, shy Luigi or the bubbly, cheerful Princess Peach. Perhaps you always wanted to be Mario or Yoshi. Whoever it was, there was likely a reason they were your favorite. Maybe you saw some of yourself in them. If you're wondering which Super Mario Bros character you're most like, take our quiz to find out!

Fun Facts

Did you know that Mario almost wasn't known by his name? When the original video game creators designed the game, Mario was known as Jumpman. Nintendo's American office was trying to think of a name for the character before launch. According to the story, the team was interrupted by their landlord, Mario Segale. They decided then to use his name for their starring character.

Mario's name isn't the only thing that was initially meant to be different. Everyone knows Mario and his twin brother, Luigi, are plumbers. But that wasn't their original profession. Instead, Mario (and likely Luigi) were going to be carpenters. Nobody is sure why this was changed, but some speculate it had something to do with how the levels were designed. It makes sense for Mario to be a plumber with all those pipes incorporated into the video game.

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