Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite is a popular and award-winning video game. It has several exciting modes, allowing players to enjoy the story mode, a player vs. player battle mode and a sandbox-style creative mode. The Fortnite Battle Royale community collaborates to assist with whatever villain or calamity the island is currently facing. In Fortnite Save the World, players work cooperatively with friends to fight against hordes of monsters in unique game scenarios.

Fortnite features a wide ensemble of characters, villains, regions and other features. Players anxiously look forward to each new season and patch release, which come with new features to enjoy. Fortnite has been highly praised for its expansive world and ongoing development, even earning awards for the best ongoing game. Are you a seasoned and experienced player, or are you still getting to know the island? See how much you know about the massive world of Fortnite, and test your knowledge with this trivia quiz.

Fun Facts

Fortnite’s development has an interesting history. Initially pitched in 2011, it was released in 2017 as Fortnite Save the World, with Battle Royale as a sub-mode. But as Fortnite Battle Royale gained popularity, it was re-released as its own full mode alongside Fortnite Creative. Since then, it’s become largely successful compared to its main competitors, such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Overwatch. Just two years after its initial launch, Fortnite had amassed more than 200 million accounts.

When playing Fortnite, characters can perform celebratory dances. These include routines like the Best Mates dance, the Electro Shuffle and the Robot. The Floss dance, inspired by the viral routine that Russell Horning did during a Katy Perry performance, was even introduced to the game. While many Fortnite players enjoy recreating the arm and hip-swinging dance outside of the game, some schools have banned the dance, believing that some children find it intimidating.

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