Nintendo's Animal Crossing is one of the most beloved video game series of all time, and with its adorable villagers, home customization and fun crafting system, it's easy to see why! The series' latest game, New Horizons, has sold nearly 36 million copies worldwide, making it the second-best-selling title for the Nintendo Switch to date.

If you're a fan of all things Animal Crossing, you've probably wondered which of the game's iconic villagers is most like you. Are you cheerful and optimistic like Isabelle, easygoing like Pascal or greedy like Tom Nook? Take the quiz and find your match now!

Fun Facts

You can be invaded by aliens in the game Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS. To see the spooky scene, you'll need to be playing the game at 3:33 a.m. on a Sunday or Monday. A UFO appears on the TV in your house and aliens make a creepy announcement, which lasts for about one minute. Blathers also won't appear in the museum until the message ends.

Tom Nook is a raccoon in the American version of the series, but in the Japanese version, he's a tanuki (raccoon dog). The game's leaf symbol was chosen because, according to Japanese myth, tanukis have the ability to change leaves into money. It's no secret Tom Nook's obsessed with making cash.

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