An iconic '90s anime, Gundam Wing manages to blend the best elements of soap operas and mecha action. Though it shares elements with other animes of its genre, the notable depth of its character development sets it apart. This story about five teenage boys wielding advanced Gundams to rise against an oppressive government makes for an exciting drama with elements of adventure, friendship and romance. There’s no doubt that Gundam Wing set the bar for many mecha animes to come.

In the year After Colony 195, scientists plan for revenge against the tyrannical OZ organization and their oppression over the space colonies. Five Gundams and their pilots set a course to Earth in secret to begin Operation Meteor. What follows is a grand tale of conspiracy, betrayal and conflict in a world on the brink of war. Who will you fight for? Take this quiz and discover what role you play in the Gundam Wing universe.

Fun Facts

Gundam Wing is part of a larger series of animes called the Gundam Universe. The franchise began in 1979 with the Mobile Suit Gundam series, which featured giant robots called mobile suits. Its popularity grew exponentially. There are now over 50 TV series and films, as well as novels and video games. Gundam also spurred an industry of plastic model kits known as Gunpla that make up a significant portion of the Japanese toy market.

The Gundam franchise is a billion-dollar industry, averaging an annual revenue of 80 billion yen per year. It was first developed by the animator Yoshiyuki Tomino who is also famous for the iconic anime Astro Boy. Since 1979, he’s directed more than 750 episodes of the Gundam franchise to date. His main inspiration for the series was what the world would be like if space travel was a reality.

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