Monopoly is one of the most famous board games in the world. People have been playing some form of it since 1935. However, some historians believe Monopoly was derived from a game called "The Landlord Game" that was invented in 1903. From the mascot, Rich Uncle Pennybags, to the colorful houses and hotels, Monopoly is full of recognizable imagery. Not least among them are the various tokens players select to represent them on the game board.

Some of the tokens have stayed the same over the years, while others are more recent additions. And, we all have our favorites. So which Monopoly token best represents your personality? Are you confrontational like the Battleship or laid back like the Rubber Ducky? Before you pass go and collect $200, roll the dice and take this fun quiz to see which Monopoly token best reflects your winning personality.

Fun Facts

By 1943, ten iconic tokens were included in every Monopoly game set. They were the Battleship, Boot, Cannon, Horse, Iron, Race Car, Scottish Terrier, Thimble, Top Hat and Wheelbarrow. The original tokens were designed to double as charms worn on charm bracelets. No changes were made to the playing pieces until the late 1990s, when Hasbro invited the public to vote on new tokens. Over the years, the Cannon, Horse and the Iron were retired, and new tokens including Hazel the Cat and the Rubber Ducky were added.

Originally, game tokens weren't included in the Monopoly packaging. Players were expected to use household items, such as paperclips or buttons, to mark their places on the board. When game pieces were first included, they were made from wood. In the beginning, there were only six tokens: The Top Hat, the Thimble, the Iron, the Boot, the Battleship and the Cannon. In 1937 they started to be made out of iron but Parker Brothers reverted back to wood during World War II.

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