Roblox is a popular online game platform and creation system developed by Roblox Corporation. The developers initially released a beta version in 2005, followed a year later by the finished game. Since its release, Roblox has been played by millions of adults and children alike. With so many roleplaying options and potential games, there's fun for the whole family. Everyone from toddlers and preschoolers to teenagers and parents can find something to do on the platform.

There are countless things to do in Roblox. Some of the most popular games are well-known, while others are not so much. Players can collect special items, visit award-winning games, build new worlds, run obstacle courses and so much more. However, just because you play the game doesn't mean you're an expert on it. How much do you really know about Roblox? Take our ultimate Roblox quiz today to test your knowledge.

Fun Facts

Although Roblox has been a popular game for years, 2020 was record-breaking. Largely thanks to people having to quarantine, new player numbers skyrocketed. In 2020, 28 new players were joining every second. This is significantly up from previous years, with only 15 new players joining per second in 2019. In 2018, 14 players joined per second, while 2017 only saw eight new people per second. Although drastic, the increase in new players per second has been an ongoing trend since Roblox's inception.

Roblox was originally set to release under a different name, DynaBlocks. The beta version was released under this name in 2005. However, potential players found the name hard to remember. Keeping that in mind, the game designers changed the name to Roblox because it was easier to remember. The new name was a combination of "robot" and "blocks." Since the game is a virtual block-builder game, the new name makes sense.

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