The Crown is a historical drama series about Britain's monarchy and all the key players during that era. Rumored to be an accurate portrayal of the British royal family, the successful series chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II from 1940 until the present day. All the major events are covered in the series, which gives a fascinating insight into royal life. Watching The Crown is a wonderful way to learn more about the royal family and to make sense of everyone's titles.

From the royal family to politicians and historians, there are a number of interesting characters in The Crown. Winston Churchill's character, believed to be the most accurate portrayal of them all, was played by the only American actor in the show, John Lithgow. The queen herself watched the series and said she was disappointed with how Prince Philip was portrayed. You might discover that you share similar personality traits with certain individuals from The Crown. Take the quiz and find out which character you are.

Fun Facts

Did you know that The Crown wasn't filmed at any of the royal residences? Many similar-looking castles and countryside vistas throughout England and Scotland were used as locations. Most of the travel scenes were filmed in South Africa, which is known for its contrasting scenery. The Amazon River scene was filmed on a tiny river in the Western Cape and the Melbourne scene in the center of Cape Town.

The creator of The Crown, Peter Morgan, barely had any interest in the royal family. Despite having created The Queen, he was reportedly not amused at the idea of The Crown. The reason for going ahead with the series was to showcase the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and her right-hand man, Winston Churchill. Peter Morgan skipped over Claire Foy for the main character in favor of more well-known actresses but quickly realized her unassuming nature would be perfect for the role of the young Queen Elizabeth II.

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