Angel Beats! is an original anime (that is, an anime not based on a manga) that is set in a strange version of the afterlife that seems like an ordinary high school. The show has a unique blend of action, humor, music and surprisingly deep themes that fans have found to be enthralling. In fact, it has proved to be so popular that it's spawned several short stories, books, video games and spinoff manga series.

If you’re a fan of Angel Beats! then you’ve probably imagined yourself in the afterlife high school, contending with the same practical yet cosmic issues that the characters do. How would you handle it? Would you rage against the heavens like Yuri Nakamura? Would you try to help everyone, like Yuzuru Otonashi? Wonder no longer, for we have put together an informative, fun little Angel Beats! quiz that will tell you which character you are most like.

Fun Facts

Angel Beats! was originally supposed to be a full 26 episode show, as is traditional for anime. However, when a tsunami hit the coast of Japan and did damage to some of the producer's assets, they forced the episodes down to 13 to save on the costs. Considering that the series had already been written for 26 episodes, the director did an amazing job keeping the narrative flowing smoothly while still being fun and engaging.

Some fans of the series have wondered if there was some deep purpose or message behind setting the series in the afterlife. Jun Maeda, one of the creators of the series, had the idea to set it in the afterlife for very different reasons, though. He figured if the characters started off already dead, then the series could have some truly amazing and spectacular battles where the characters could go all out without fear.

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