The Dream SMP took the world by storm, filling their roleplaying survival Minecraft server with a multitude of unique personalities. Everyone has a favorite player. Some fell in love with the anarchist attitude and survivability of Technoblade. Others sympathized with the internal reflection and overflowing sentimentality of Tommyinnit. Eret's random acts of kindness and Nihachu's abundant generosity drew the attention of countless people.

The person you enjoy the most may have drawn your attention because you relate to them. But this isn't always accurate. Many find themselves drawn to people or characters that represent the exact opposite of their own personalities. If you've come here today, you likely wonder which Dream SMP member is most like your own personality. Play our Dream SMP member quiz to find out for sure.

Fun Facts

The Dream SMP was founded as a private whitelisted server on Minecraft on April 24th, 2020. The server initially consisted of eight people. Besides Dream, these included GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, Callahan, Alyssa, Awesamdude, Ponk and Bad Boy Halo. Since then, the active members have changed and expanded. Together, the group has quickly risen to fame. The Dream SMP has an enthusiastic fan base of more than twenty million strong on YouTube and has dominated other social networks like Twitch, Twitter and Reddit.

The Dream SMP members have openly shared interesting personal facts throughout their time on YouTube. For example, GeorgeNotFound and Captain Puffy have both revealed they're colorblind. Bad Boy Halo shared he is a legally ordained minister and has previously worked with special needs children. Nihachu shared over livestream that she is currently working towards becoming a psychologist.

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