Buckle up, The Ultimate Dream SMP Quiz is now available on Quizoto! The Dream SMP was founded on April 24, 2020 as a private, whitelisted Minecraft server and quickly rose to internet fame. The server (and members) are famous for their roleplaying. Each member doesn't only play Minecraft, but they embody their character while doing so. Due to this, the Dream SMP members have offered consistent reminders that what happens on the server isn't indicative of what happens in real life.

Although they've only recently reached their one-year anniversary, the Dream SMP has millions of fans and subscribers from all around the world. Besides watching the server's live streams and YouTube videos, many also follow the individual members on their personal accounts. Do you wonder how well you know the Dream SMP? Take our quiz to find out today.

Fun Facts

The Dream SMP server was originally started with only four members. These included Dream, George, Callahan and Sapnap. However, it wasn't long before other members joined the server. By the end of April 2020 (the month the server was founded), Awesamdude and Alyssa had also joined the server. Over the next two months, the server grew exponentially to include Ponk, Bad Boy Halo, Tommyinnit, Tubbo, Fundy, Punz, Purpled, Wilbur Soot, JSchlatt, Skeppy and Eret.

Dream, the founding member of the Dream SMP, wears a white mask with a black face that appears to be half-smiling. He has never shown his face, despite often alluding to doing so. There was even once a video he uploaded that was soon taken down where he claimed to show his face. While nobody is certain why Dream keeps his face hidden, the answer may be found in one of several songs he's written entitled "Mask."

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How to Play

This quiz style has points! The first question will be worth 100 points. If you get it correct, you'll build up your Streak Multiplier to 2X, making your second question worth 200 points.

If you get the next question correct, you'll build up your Streak Multiplier to 3X, making the next question worth 300 points. See if you can get on a 25X streak...there will be a special message for you!

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