Its time for Quizoto's Ultimate Clash of Clans Quiz! Clash of Clans is one of the most popular freemium games ever made. It rivals even Candy Crush for popularity. One of the reasons for this is the blend of gameplay that is simple enough to pick up any time you have a few spare minutes and an assortment of troops and fortifications that is wide enough to allow for complex strategies. No matter how long you play, there’s always something new to learn.

So, you’re a fan of the game, eh? You know some good tricks, you have your own opinion on whether the Queen Walk should be nerfed, and you have an impressive assortment of trophies. But how well do you really know this game? Why don’t you put your knowledge and experience to the test and take this fun yet devious little quiz we’ve made for you. Bet you can’t answer all of the questions correctly!

Fun Facts

Clash of Clans has been made into a rather funny animated web series called Clash-a-Rama!: The Series. It has several famous voice actors, including Spongebob’s Tom Kenny (he plays Spongebob), FLCL’s Kari Wahlgren (she played Haruko Haruhara) and Futurama’s Tress MacNeille (she played Mom). The series has attracted some surprisingly talented writers as well, including half the writing team from Futurama. The series is based on a Clash of Clans webcomic of the same name.

One of the little touches that make this game so popular is an anti-frustration feature that saves you from bad connections. In most games, a bad connection in the middle of a battle means you lose the battle and all of the resources you put into it. In this game, if you accidentally get disconnected in the middle of a battle, the game will run the attack for you, giving you all the trophies and loot that it gets.

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How to Play

This quiz style has points! The first question will be worth 100 points. If you get it correct, you'll build up your Streak Multiplier to 2X, making your second question worth 200 points.

If you get the next question correct, you'll build up your Streak Multiplier to 3X, making the next question worth 300 points. See if you can get on a 25X streak...there will be a special message for you!

So whether you want to simply know how many you got correct, or you want to build up an impressive points total, Quizoto delivers the results to you in a fun and educational package. Make sure to tell your friends about Quizoto and help spread the word about the Internet's hottest new quiz site!