If you've been on the internet for more than five minutes, it's unlikely that you've been able to escape the constant mentions of aesthetics and personal style. While it seems like a new trend is coming up every five minutes, many struggle to pinpoint what they find appealing for themselves. Many people even struggle to define what an aesthetic means to them!

While many people focus mostly on fashion choices and personal style, your aesthetic covers much more than that. It's about your individual sense of beauty and what's pleasing for your senses. Often, fashion is just a means of expressing what you find compelling in the world, and it's not even the primary focus of someone's aesthetic. Do you have a clearly defined aesthetic, or are you in the process of developing one? To find out what your aesthetic is, take our fun quiz!

Fun Facts

In aesthetics-based communities, there are different approaches to developing a personal style of visual expression, sense of interior design and preference for certain art. Some might get inspired by fiction and academic literature, while others may browse art from previous time periods. Different times of day, types of food and drink, locations and celebrities can all serve as inspiration.

When it comes to developing an aesthetic, there are top-down and bottom-up approaches. In the first, people would discover an established aesthetic that appeals to them. Then they'd read popular books in that niche, go shopping for new clothes and adopt new habits in accordance with their new aesthetic. As for the bottom-up approach, a person would begin exploring their personal interests on their own, develop their own aesthetic sense and eventually find a community that shares their passion for those things.

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