How Ready Are You to Adopt a Dog? They say dogs are a man's best friend, and people who have brought a dog into their lives are likely to agree with that. However, owning a dog is a huge responsibility. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to care for a canine properly. You'll also need enough room in your heart to love your new pet like a member of the family.

Naturally, the idea of adopting a dog requires a lot of consideration. Do you have enough time in your schedule to provide for their needs? Are you financially secure? Ask yourself these questions and more before diving in headfirst. Do you think you're ready for the responsibility of a pet? Take our quiz to find out if you're ready to welcome a furry little friend into your household!

Fun Facts

Did you know dogs are one of the most popular pets in America? Approximately 38.4 percent of American homes own at least one dog. While this may not sound like much, it does when you look at the actual numbers. More than 48 million American households own over 76 million dogs. Now, that's a lot of pups.

Everyone knows a dog's sense of smell is stronger than a human's. However, did you know it could be as much as forty times stronger? This incredible sense of smell is why dogs are given such essential jobs. For example, dogs can be used to sniff out drugs or bombs. Some dogs have even been trained to sniff out cancer or "smell" when a seizure is coming on.

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