Gen Z has been online for the entirety of their lives. This has led them to develop distinct vocabulary, one that originates from the internet and later moves to real life. What's more, people of other generations are exposed to young people's unique speaking style on a regular basis, much more frequently than at any other point in history.

Have you been hearing a ton of unfamiliar words every time you log on to TikTok? Are you still thinking about that time someone called you cheugy, desperate to figure out what they meant? Or perhaps you feel fairly confident in your ability to keep up with the times. Either way, test your knowledge with this quiz!

Fun Facts

Although social media has brought a lot of Gen Z lingo into the mainstream, many of these terms actually date back years, and sometimes, even decades. A lot of them originated in African American Vernacular English (AAVE). This particular variety of the English language is natively spoken mostly in urban communities by working- and middle-class African Americans. It's incredibly common for terms and phrases to originate in AAVE and join mainstream culture later on, including much of the vocab we included in this quiz.

For instance, a "clap back" refers to a verbal response to a critique or an insult. The term is particularly appropriate if the reply is very clever, biting or even vicious. Although Gen Z most often use it, "Clap Back" is also the title of a 2003 Ja Rule hit song — so it's not a brand new term by any means.

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