Which greek goddess would you be? The Ancient Greeks worshipped a pantheon of 12 main gods and goddesses, called the Olympians. These included Zeus and his wife Hera, along with other gods, such as Zeus' daughter Athena. Each deity had its own purview, things for which mortals would pray and sacrifice offerings. Aphrodite, for example, was the goddess of love. Men and women alike would pray for her favor in attracting and keeping romantic partners. Athena was a warrior goddess, and generals would often pray to her and her brother Ares before a battle.

However, Greek mythology included more than just the twelve main Olympians They also honored the three Graces and nine Muses, female embodiments of Grecian virtues. One unique myth, that of Psyche and Eros, describes how a mortal woman became the wife of Cupid, the god of attraction. After passing Cupid's several tests, she was elevated to godhood and became the representation of the human mind. In her union with Cupid, the Greeks had a representation of the human id and ego to form the superego.

Fun Facts

Although most of the Olympians were born the traditional way, Athena was not. Her entry into the world was heralded by Zeus suffering a tremendous headache. Nothing he did made the headache go away. Desperate for something to end his pain, he begged Hephaestus, the god of blacksmiths, to hit his head with a hammer. When Hephaestus did so, Athena sprang from his head, fully-formed and dressed in armor. In addition to her martial aspect, she was revered as a goddess of wisdom.

Athena, because she never took a husband, was often referred to as a virgin goddess. Artemis was another goddess who never married. Instead, she and her handmaidens spent all their time hunting in the forest. Artemis was quite solicitous of her privacy. If any men stumbled across her hunting camp, even by accident, Artemis would turn them into deer and hunt them down. However, any woman was invited to join her hunt if she wished!

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