Take our Reincarnation Animal Quiz and discover which animal you will be in your next life. What if, instead of an afterlife, we were reincarnated as the animal we resemble most in personality? According to some forms of reincarnation, our souls can determine how we are reincarnated in the next life.

Just like people, animals have distinct personalities, habitats and lifestyles. Maybe you sometimes catch yourself doing something that an animal would do, like chasing after a ball for fun. You might even wish you were an animal sometimes so that you could swim the depths of the oceans, explore the forest or simply live closer to nature. What kind of animal would you be reincarnated as? Take this quiz to find out.

Fun Facts

Reincarnation is found in religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, which suggest that Karma determines how our souls are reincarnated in our next life. But souls apparently don’t reincarnate forever. Many philosophies and cultures that believe in reincarnation suggest that souls have their own lifetimes or a limit on how many times they might be reincarnated.

Karma, ego, instinct and imprint generally guide how people are reincarnated. Hinduism views reincarnation from a human to an animal as a form of punishment for the actions of that soul, which achieves balance and Karma. Most beliefs seem consistent in that reincarnation as an animal is a regression and punishment for your previous life, not because animals are less valuable but because they have fewer advantages than humans. Reincarnation as your favorite animal doesn’t sound all bad, though.

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