Start your engines, we've got The Ultimate NASCAR Quiz! NASCAR is the second most popular sport in America, falling only behind football. That being said, millions of people tune in to every race. Everyone has a favorite racer, whether it's someone who currently races or a past driver. A few of the most popular racers in history include Dale Earnhardt, Sr., Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Jimmie Johnson, Fireball Roberts, Jeff Gordon and Bobby Allison. But, of course, there are plenty of people who would rather root for the little guys.

The biggest racing events, such as the Daytona 500 and Indie 500, draw the biggest crowds. But how many of those fans are only watching the races and not actually paying attention? If you asked around, you'd likely find many casual NASCAR fans. They watch and root for their family's favorite driver, but they don't know much about the sport. How much do you know about NASCAR? Find out by taking our ultimate NASCAR quiz today!

Fun Facts

NASCAR has remained a family sport since its inception — literally. Bill France, Sr., founded the privately-owned company in 1948 as a way to combine his love of auto racing and his business skills. In 2018, his son, Jim France, took over as CEO. Jim France has publicly stated that he has zero plans to sell NASCAR, despite his advancing age, so fans can safely assume he'll pass the company down to one of his three children after he retires.

There's a minimum age limit for NASCAR drivers, but it's probably not what you'd expect. The minimum age for a NASCAR driver is 14, which is well before most people receive their regular driver's license. However, there is a catch. All the private race tracks used by NASCAR can set their own age restrictions. So, a 14-year-old NASCAR driver wouldn't necessarily be able to participate in every race they qualified for.

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