Do You Have A Dirty Mind? We all know someone who makes a rude joke out of pretty much everything they see. You could be walking down the street, innocently watching the skies or reading through a fun article on your phone together, and they just won't stop finding the naughty side. There's a chance you yourself are that person, but it's equally likely that you're an innocent bystander. Whichever type of individual you are, dirty-minded or clean as a whistle, learning more about yourself is always a good thing.

Being dirty-minded doesn't mean you're a bad person, so long as you respect people's boundaries and never continue joking when someone is uncomfortable. Just as being virtuous doesn't make you any less fun. We need a good mix of smutty and wholesome folk to keep the world balanced and interesting. Are you clean as fresh snow, do you have a mind in the gutter, or are you somewhere in-between? Take this quiz to find out.

Fun Facts

Profane humor has been around for as long as people have been telling stories. Did you know that Shakespeare was a connoisseur of off-color jokes? His plays and poems are littered with naughty tidbits that delighted Elizabethan audiences. Take this line from the poem, Venus and Adonis: "Stray lower, where the pleasant fountains lie." You can use your imagination to work out what he's talking about here, but the scoundrels among you won't have to think for very long!

According to the Grand Master of Memory, Ed Cooke, rude thoughts can help boost memory performance. Naughty images and words trigger a vivid emotional response, which can make the memory sharper. He says anything that intrigues you and grabs your attention can be used as a tool to help you remember something. This technique was used in Ancient Greek and Roman times, too. So, next time someone tells you off for making a lascivious comment, be sure to let them know that you're practicing ancient wisdom!

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