Are you ready for The Ultimate Logo Quiz? What is the first thing many people see when they're looking into a company? Their logo. Often, a logo is the first impression a person gets of a business that they're thinking of visiting. Logos are much more than a symbol representing a company — they can be specific colors that are chosen to elicit feelings and reactions in those looking at them. They can be shapes that represent something important to the founders.

Some companies choose to have very simple logos, such as Facebook, Google and Target. Others have complex logos that symbolize the founding of the company or the qualities the business strives for. A lot of logos actually have hidden images in them! Take this quiz to find out just how many of these logos you can recognize.

Fun Facts

Did you know that a lot of logos have hidden images in them? The Tostitos logo, for example, features two people dipping chips into salsa within the middle of the word. Another hidden meaning is in the Amazon logo. Many people think it's just a smile, but it's actually meant to show that Amazon sells everything from A to Z. Finally, the NBC logo actually has a peacock drawn in the colored shapes above the name.

There can be a massive disparity in the cost of creating a logo. The original logo for Twitter, for example, only cost the company $15. The company bought it off a stock site and the creator was only given $6. The British Broadcasting Company, on the other hand, spent approximately $1.8 million on a redesign for its old logo. The logo uses a font specific to the BBC.

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