There are many anime genres. Science fiction is by far the most popular genre of anime, but horror, sports, cooking, romance and slice-of-life are all very popular, as well. Anime genres are further broken down by their target demographic’s age and gender. Kodomo, for example, is anime for young children. Shonen is for older boys and shojo is for older girls, while Seinen is aimed at young men. There are many other types, as well.

If you're a fan of the anime genre, you've probably fantasized about living in some of the strange, adventurous worlds of your favorite anime. You've probably also fantasized about getting to know your favorite anime characters. You may even feel a strong bond with some of them, almost the bond between soul mates. Why don't you put that feeling to the test? Take our insightful and fun anime soul mate quiz to find out which anime character is your soul mate!

Fun Facts

Have you ever wondered why anime theme songs have a random word or line in English or why random English words show up scattered throughout an anime episode? English is very common in Japan, often a part of the school curriculum, and many Japanese people recognize many English words. Including a few English words is a way of drawing attention to that and emphasizing it — kind of like italics, but even more emphatic.

Anime theme songs are not like cartoon theme songs in the West. Western cartoon theme songs are often silly, poorly written and forgettable. Anime themes run from excellent to terrible, but they tend to be much more highly regarded. This is because, in Japan, traditions regarding music contracts mean that singers and bands frequently make a much higher percentage off the songs they write for anime than they do for their albums and singles. Many of them reserve their best work for anime songs.

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