Squid Games is a survival drama television series that debuted on Netflix in September of 2021 to wild success. The unique (and often unbelievable) plot is intertwined with an all-too-human cast. It's easy to believe their struggles and even sympathize with why they found themselves on Squid Game Island. For example, Gi-hun has a troubled past and a gambling addiction but wants nothing more than to care for his mother and daughter.

Sae-byeok is a young girl who wants to help her brother and mother, and Sang-woo made a few bad business decisions and wants to be able to face his mother without shame. Ali was duped by a bad employer and wants to care for his young family, while Ji-yeong hopes to figure out her life after years spent in prison. Although the way he went about it was wrong, Il-nam just wanted to feel alive once more before dying of a terminal illness. Which Squid Game character do you think you're most like? Take our quiz to find out!

Fun Facts

Did you know Squid Games is now Netflix's most-watched series to date? The show has reached the top spot in sheer number of views in more than 90 countries. Overall, it's been watched by more than 142 million households globally. The most-watched Netflix show before Squid Games' release was Bridgerton. During the first few weeks after its release, Bridgerton was watched by 82 million households. Although it's fallen from its top spot, the period drama still holds onto the second spot in Netflix's most-watched list.

Squid Games got its name from a children's game that used to be popular in South Korea. Writer Hwang Dong-hyuk based his idea on his own financial struggles. He was also inspired by the concept of class disparity in South Korea. While Squid Games is now a huge success, it wasn't always thought to be. Hwang wrote the script in 2009 but couldn't find anyone willing to produce it at the time. Netflix eventually took an interest in Squid Games in 2019, when they began working on expanding their foreign programming title list.

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