Whether you strutted your stuff with magnificent '80s hairstyles or you discovered their glory through watching John Hughes movies, we can all agree that hair in the '80s had style — and volume — lots and lots (and lots) of volume. The good news? Some of those hairstyles are even coming back, with some 2020s modifications to make them a little less extreme.

What fabulous '80s hairstyle best fits your personality? Are you all ready for your Jazzercise class with your side pony bopping away? Do you love all the hair accessories of the '80s and still have your collection of headbands, bows, barrettes, butterfly clips and scrunchies? Or is the rebellious look of an '80s punk rocker more your style? Take our quiz to find out!

Fun Facts

Did you know that before the '70s, if you wanted hair with that crimped look, you had to take hours to twist tiny braids, then let them all loose? Barbra Streisand's hairstylist invented the crimping iron in 1972 to make it easier to get the look — just in time for it to take off in the '80s!

Hair mousse was a must-have in the '80s. While it's been replaced by styling products, such as curl definers, styling clay, and fiber thickeners, there's still nothing like mousse to get all that volume!

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