What is an aura? Ever wonder what color your aura is? Play our fun What Color Is My Aura quiz and learn all about your aura. In some belief systems, an aura is an energy field that surrounds each person. Especially sensitive people can perceive these auras in a variety of ways, such as visually. Although auras often change based on mood, a common belief is that each person has a base color for their aura. This color reflects their personality and outlook, much like a guiding element or zodiac sign.

Some people can get very deep into aura reading, going so far as to take classes on ways to perceive their own and other people's auras. Another way to read someone's aura is to get close to them, and open up to the resonance emitted by their aura. Certain psychics interpret auras as musical and hear different songs based on who they're standing next to.

Fun Facts

If you've ever heard someone talk about good or bad vibes, they're talking about auras! The idea is that everything is made up of energy, and all energy has its own vibrational frequency. The word "vibration" is where the term "vibes" comes from. It's a shortened way of describing whether or not something is vibrating in sync with something else. If you've ever seen how guitar strings vibrate together, you understand vibes.

Some people train in special techniques to perceive auras, while others invest in equipment meant to do the same thing. A very expensive type of camera called the Kirlian camera is designed to capture a person's aura. Some artists also have their own proprietary photography or development techniques meant to capture someone's aura on film.

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