Play our Does He Like Me Quiz if you're seeing a guy you kind of like, but don't know if he likes you back! Sometimes a little outside perspective can help you tell if you crush likes you. It's hard to tell if you're dating Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now. Guys in your past have played so many games with your heart you now pay your rent with Monopoly money. If only there was some way to look into his soul and find out his innermost thoughts about you.

Don't just trust in Cupid. Assuming you're not a mind reader and you don't have a crystal ball, this quiz might be able to guide you down romance's rocky road. Answer the questions with an open mind and a true heart to see if your current boyfriend might someday be your future husband.

Fun Facts

There are lots of images that symbolize love. A red heart. Doves. An engagement ring. One of the most recognizable signs is the angelic Cupid. In classical mythology he is considered to be the son of Venus and Mars. He was originally depicted as a slim and trim lad in Classical Greek art but in the middle ages artists began to portray him as a younger child with a few more pounds.

Cupid is usually armed with a bow and arrow. According to legend anyone shot by his arrow will fall madly in love with the next person they see. In some artworks you'll see him wearing armor similar to what daddy Mars wears. Cupid began to be associated with Valentine's Day during the Victorian era.

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