Have you ever wondered what your love language is? This fun love language test should help if you've ever felt misunderstood by your partner or insecure about your place in your partner's life. Don't worry, you're not alone! This common issue among romantic couples is the reason Dr. Gary Chapman developed his hugely popular theory of love languages. It has strongly resonated with the general public — his book The 5 Love Languages has sold over 13 million copies, and it's been a New York Times bestseller since 2009.

During his practice, Dr. Gary Chapman observed that couples often struggle to understand each other's needs and wants. He came across the same situation over and over again — his clients would feel unloved, even as their partners did their best to show love and appreciation. As a response, he developed his world-famous theory of love languages. It has empowered millions of people to discuss their needs and avoid misunderstandings when they express their affection.

Fun Facts

People seem to care a lot about love languages! A recent study by a popular dating app showed that women who don't answer the question about love languages receive 5 times fewer matches than women who do. Wow!

However, all love languages don't seem to be valued equally. Women who chose acts of service as their preferred love language got 6.6 times more matches than those who chose quality time. Men, on the other hand, got the most matches when they selected quality time. At the end of the day, dating experts advise people to disregard popularity and never lie about their preferred love language — even if it's not the most common. Trying to game the system and list a popular love language doesn't seem to be a good long-term strategy, as you're bound to match with people who aren't best suited for your needs. As it turns out, honesty really is the best policy!

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