The Hangover trilogy documents the aftermath of the wolfpack’s wild nights out, starting with Doug Billings’ bachelor party in the first movie. Set in Las Vegas, the Hangover follows Phil, Alan and Stu as they desperately try to recover their memories from the night before and find the missing groom, Doug. The events following their wild night might be even more outrageous as they encounter tigers, missing babies and Mike Tyson and face off with international gangster Leslie Chow.

The group may have started their night optimistically and innocently enough, saying cheers to forgetting everything they might do. However, things quickly go downhill when they black out and wake up to injuries and a missing Doug. Their individual personalities come into play as they try to navigate the messy aftermath of the most outrageous bachelor party ever. If you’ve ever forgotten a wild night like the guys from the Hangover, take this quiz to find out which one you’re most like.

Fun Facts

The script for the Hangover was about three friends who lose the groom at a bachelor party and go on a Las Vegas adventure to recover him, and it was inspired by the experience of executive producer Chris Bender’s friend, Trip Vinson. He allegedly went missing from his own wild Las Vegas bachelor party and woke up in a club with a very large bill. The script was then revised to include the story of Mike Tyson, the police cruiser and the baby, which sadly weren't inspired by the true story.

At the end of each movie, the friends discover a hidden camera that shows some of the most shocking moments from the night before. They don’t show them during the movie, but you get to see them if you stick around for the credits. These photos contain cameos from celebrities like Mike Tyson and Carrot Top, as well as the friends partying throughout the night and revealing mysteries that may not have been covered during the movie.

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