The Big Bang Theory debuted in 2007 and became one of the most successful sitcoms in television history. This Big Bang Theory Trivia Quiz is geared to the superfans, the ones that know the details. Featuring an ensemble cast of seven main characters, the show follows four young scientists as they balance the demands of their careers with their desires to have meaningful relationships with women. Our TBBT trivia quiz will test your TBBT knowledge. TBBT gets even funnier when Leonard falls in love with Penny, who's way out of his league, and Sheldon attracts the attention of a shy neurobiologist.

The Big Bang Theory is known for its witty dialogue, which leans heavily on science-related jokes and geeky pop-culture references. Some of the most notable episodes feature guest stars from the most famous television and movie franchises in history, including Mark Hamill from Star Wars, Wil Wheaton from Star Trek and Adam West from Batman. One episode even featured a cameo from Stephen Hawking, a renowned physicist and mathematician.

Fun Facts

Did you know that The Big Bang Theory almost didn't make it to television? Although network executives thought it had potential, they didn't like the first pilot. Fortunately, the show's creators gave it another shot, and the rest is history. TBBT won dozens of awards, including a Golden Globe, multiple Emmys and several trophies from the Television Critics Association Awards.

Had the network not asked the show's creators to create a second pilot, The Big Bang Theory might have been completely different from the one that millions of viewers know and love. In the original version, Howard, Raj and Penny don't even exist. Even crazier is the producers originally tapped Johnny Galecki — who plays Leonard in the version that made it to air — for the role of Sheldon. It's hard to imagine The Big Bang Theory without Jim Parsons playing a quirky theoretical physicist.

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