New Girl centers around characters with distinctive personalities as they navigate personal, relationship and career choices in their early 30s. An unlikely crew of friends, they support each other, even if they often butt heads along the way.

Jess moves into an apartment with several men after a devastating end to a relationship. Her girlishness and quirkiness both annoys and endears her to her new roommates: Nick, a bartender; Coach, an excitable personal trainer; Winston, a former professional athlete; and Schmidt, a successful but womanizing marketing professional. Jess’s best friend Cece initially protects her from her new roommates but soon grows to befriend them as well. Which New Girl character are you? Find out with our quiz.

Fun Facts

Throughout the series, many of the characters date each other in various capacities. Some even end up marrying and having children. The characters all have different strengths and weaknesses, and in typical sitcom fashion, they consequently find themselves in funny situations. The series is given credit for having more depth and interest than the typical sitcom, however, as the characters experience exceptional growth over time.

New Girl aired from 2011 to 2018 and revolves around a cast of quirky characters in Los Angeles. It was well-received by audiences for its clever writing and strong casting. It has won awards such as the 1st Critics’ Choice Television Awards. It has featured guest stars such as Prince, Megan Fox and Jamie Lee Curtis.

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