You've discussed the possibility of a zombie apocalypse with your friends and family. Now its time to take the Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Quiz and see if you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse! You've watched countless television shows and movies on the topic. When books on the subject come out, whether fictional or nonfiction, you add them to your stock to learn more. But are you really prepared for an apocalypse where hoards of brainless zombies stalk you as their favorite meal?

If a zombie apocalypse were to happen, a person's chances of survival depend on many factors. It takes more than just imagining and planning for the future. You need critical thinking, survival skills and a sheer determination to persevere. Are you wondering how likely it is that you'd survive the zombie apocalypse? Take our quiz and find out.

Fun Facts

Clairvius Narcisse is the world's most famous example of a "real zombie." However, he wasn't bitten or infected with a virus. He also didn't feed on human flesh or brains. Instead, Clairvius was purportedly turned into a zombie during a Haitian voodoo ceremony. After, he was forced to work as a slave without the ability to think for himself.

The word "zombie" is actually taken from the African word nzambi, which means "god." There are essentially two different versions of how zombies are created. In modern times, the most popular version is that a person contracts a virus or is exposed to something dangerous. The alternative version is that a person is cursed and then dies. The curse causes the person to rise from the dead as a zombie.

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