Since the show aired in 2010, The Walking Dead has been one of television's most-watched and discussed shows. Try our Walking Dead Quiz and find out which Walking Dead Character you are! It tells the story of a group of survivors, led by Sheriff Rick Grimes and later Michonne Hawthorne, in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-filled world. It describes the group's battles with not only the undead, but also the living who want what they have.

One of the most compelling aspects of The Walking Dead is its characters, and they often ride the line between good guy and bad guy. They do what they believe needs to be done to protect themselves, their loved ones and their community. Everyone has their own flaws and strengths, and they're each unique in their own way. Take this quiz to find out which Walking Dead character you are!

Fun Facts

Did you know that many of the characters introduced in the show aren't in the source material? Daryl and Merle Dixon weren't in the comics, but the former is one of the longest-standing characters in the show. The most recent major addition to the show is Rick's daughter, Judith. While Judith existed in the comics, she was killed off soon after her birth by The Governor.

The actors and actresses that play the walkers have to attend classes on how to act. During these classes, they're taught how to walk properly and move. Students are often told not to blink when acting as a walker because walkers should have big eyes. One of the most common pieces of advice walker actors are given is to walk as if they're leaving a bar at 2 a.m.

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