Can you survive this quiz? Our Walking Dead Quiz will test your Walking Dead Trivia knowledge! Based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics, AMC's The Walking Dead television show is one of the most popular shows from 2010 and deserves its own Walking Dead Quiz.

Following the story of Rick Grimes, a police officer who wakes up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead's 10 seasons detail the survivor's struggles against not only the undead but the living who want what others have.

Filled with detailed and complex characters, The Walking Dead blurs the lines between protagonist and antagonist, as the main characters are forced to do worse things to survive and thrive. They try their best to protect themselves, their loved ones and the fortified places they've come to call home. Take this quiz to find out just how much you know about The Walking Dead!

Fun Facts

Did you know that every time a main character dies in The Walking Dead, the cast gets together to have a farewell dinner for them? In order to keep the secret of the death from the waitstaff, the cast eventually began telling people that the dinners were for actors' and actresses' birthdays. These dinners are often held before the airing of the actual episode featuring the character's death.

In the Walking Dead universe, the word "zombie" doesn't exist. Prior to the outbreak of the virus, the universe didn't have any zombie-based films or media. There are many words and phrases used to describe the undead in the show, but some of the most common are walkers, roamers, lurkers, biters and infected. The most common "walker," was first used by Morgan Jones. Rick adopted the term and brought it to the Atlanta group of survivors.

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