Rick and Morty is an adult-themed cartoon created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. What we're trying to figure out though, is Are You More Rick or Morty? Take our Rick and Morty Character Quiz and let's find out which character you're more like! Throughout the five seasons, Rick takes his grandson, Morty, on a range of adventures. These adventures are often silly, commonly whimsical and sometimes downright stupid. But the show's overall insanity is what makes it so endearing and entertaining to fans.

Rick and Morty are polar opposites. Rick is a reckless genius with few morals and has difficulty showing his emotions. Morty is a helpful optimist with a strong moral compass, and he has no issues showing people he cares. Have you ever wondered whether you were more like Rick or Morty? Take our quiz to find out!

Fun Facts

Both Rick and Morty creators already had notable credits to their names before the show began. Justin Roiland has voice acted in many well-known cartoons that are primarily adult-themed. A few prime examples include Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, The Simpsons and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Roiland also wrote episodes for Fish Hooks and several short skits.

Dan Harmon has a diverse set of film credits to his name. He was a writer on the children's films Monster House and Kung Fu Panda. Harmon also contributed to Arrested Development, Drunk History, The Simpsons and Mary Shelley's Frankenhole.

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