The Teen Titans are a fictional superhero team that has appeared in a variety of monthly comic book series, multiple television shows and several movies. But the question remains, Which Teen Titans Character are you? Take our Teen Titans Quiz and find out! As the name implies, the team usually consists of younger heroes, many of whom were once sidekicks to some of DC Comics’ most popular characters. Looking to distinguish themselves from their mentors, these young vigilantes struggle with all the difficulties of being young adults and superheroes.

While the characters differ from series to series, the core group consisting of Robin, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy has become one of the most iconic lineups in comic book history. However, because the Teen Titans have appeared in so many types of media, their personalities and traits can differ somewhat between appearances. Take this fun quiz to see which character from the 2003 Teen Titans series, Teen Titans Go!, Young Justice and comic books you're most like!

Fun Facts

The 2003 series inspired a wave of changes for future Titan appearances. For example, Starfire was originally a much more arrogant, hot-tempered and aggressive character. After the show aired, many versions of her would adopt the more fun-loving and naive version that fans loved from the series. The show was so popular that Cartoon Network even brought it back for reruns in 2017, over a decade after it finished airing.

In the earlier comics, Raven is usually a strict vegetarian while Beast Boy has no issues eating meat or animal products. For the 2003 series, the writers switched their diets because they felt it made more sense for the animal-based shapeshifter to avoid meat. This was maintained in Teen Titans Go! and in the Teen Titans: Rebirth series of comics. Now the question remains: why isn’t he a vegan? Maybe Beast Boy just loves milkshakes too much.

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