How Well Do You Know The Simpsons? The Simpsons is a cultural touchstone that has brought joy to its viewers for decades, thanks to the mishaps and adventures of its odd, titular family. What initially began as a series of 60-second shorts has become the longest-running American sitcom after airing for over 32 years and amassing over 700 episodes. Few people will argue that the show's golden years produced some of the funniest episodes of TV, period.

Because it's so cemented into our culture, most people wouldn’t expect that the Simpsons was originally a risky venture. Animated shows were seen as only appropriate for children, and only one other series had ever been able to find success in prime time. The Simpsons broke the barrier and is largely the reason we now have shows like Bob’s Burgers, Rick and Morty and BoJack Horseman.

Fun Facts

In the episode “Lisa the Greek,” Lisa is angry with her father for tricking her into gambling on football games. She makes a bet that if she loves him, the Washington Redskins would win the Super Bowl. If she doesn’t, the Buffalo Bills would win. Washington emerges victorious, proving she loves him. After this episode aired, FOX made it a tradition to show it before every Super Bowl. However, they changed the dialog to match whatever teams were playing. Lisa accurately predicted the winning team every year.

Just like Shakespeare, The Simpsons is responsible for adding a respectable number of words into our lexicon. More obvious examples include “embiggen” and “cromulent,” which is even a candidate for entry into Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary. Meanwhile, “d’oh” is actually listed in the Oxford English Dictionary, without the apostrophe. Many people also credit the show for words like “meh” and “yoink.” Plus, the show has also inspired a massive range of idioms, exclamations and memes that continue to see use every day.

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