Sailor Moon wasn't the first “magical girl” anime, but it was one of the first to popularize the genre. It was perhaps the most popular English-dubbed anime of its era. The anime, and the manga it was based on, have spawned numerous films, a live-action television series, several video games, a series of books, a tabletop game, theme park attractions, a series of stage musicals, and even an ice skating show. The Sailor Moon character is the most popular female superhero ever.

If you're a fan of the series, you may have fantasized about living in the fantastic, magical world it depicts. How would you deal with it? Would you meet it with the laser-sharp focus and fiery passion of Sailor Mars? Or, would you show the perky, competent cheerfulness of Sailor Venus? If you want to find out, take this fun, insightful quiz to find out which Sailor Moon character you're most like.

Fun Facts

When Toei decided to export the series to America, one of the early bids was for a remake involving a strange mixture of live action and animation. This remake concept was set in America and had the girls riding around on flying sail boards. Because the promo video made the series look a lot like Saban’s Power Rangers, people who've seen the video refer to the idea as “Saban Moon.” Few regret the decision to pass on the idea and just dub the original instead.

There's a Sailor Senshi for each one of the planets in the Solar system except Earth, or so it would appear. However, Tuxedo Mask’s real name, Chiba Mamoru, reveals that this isn't the case. The name means “protector of the Earth,” and he certainly acts like the protector of the Earth. Naoko Takeuchi, the series creator, has indicated that Tuxedo Mask is supposed to be the equivalent of Sailor Earth.

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