The Ultimate Danganronpa Quiz! Danganronpa is an anime produced by Lerche studios. The series is based on an award-winning video game of the same name. Many people fell in love with the video game long before the animation was released. Danganronpa: The Animation follows Makoto Naegi, who wins a lottery to attend the prestigious Hope's Peak High School. Hope's Peak is a unique academy meant only for students who are exceptionally skilled in one specific thing.

These unique skills are Super High School-Level niches. For example, Kyoko Kirigiri is the Super High School-Level Detective, while Celestia Ludenberck is the Super High School-Level Gambler. These skills come in handy during the ongoing investigations and class trials. If you watched Danganronpa, you likely know all about it. Or do you? Do you think you know enough to pass our Ultimate Danganronpa quiz? Take it now to find out.

Fun Facts

The animation studio that produced Danganropa (Lerche) had the idea while making another anime, Carnival Phantasm. Lerche has produced other animes based on video game series and ones based on traditional Japanese manga. Other Lerche animation studio projects include Assassination Classroom, Persona 4: The Animation, Magical Girl Raising Project and Humanity Has Declined.

The Danganronpa video game series has in-depth character and plot building. When the animation project was initially pitched as having just 13 episodes, many were doubtful it could be done. However, the anime's team decided to do their best while staying true to the original video game. Although some believe the studio succeeded in its effort, others feel the animation fell flat compared to the video game.

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How to Play

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