Are you fan of Kakegurui? The students at Hyakkaou Private Academy exist in a world of gambling, sin and high school drama taken to an extreme not previously seen. Play our fun Which Kakegurui Character Are You quiz to see if you resemble Yumeko, Midari, Mary or one of the other characters!

During each break and at the end of every school day, students gather to bet money, privilege or their very lives. This type of environment can bring out the best or worst in someone, depending on their personality.

Each character deals with the pressure, fear and thrills in their unique way. For example, Yumeko and Midari get excited each time they take a considerable risk. Mary, Kirari and Itsuki use this chaotic environment to better themselves or their families. Ryota ends up being the odd one out due to his level head and traditional ways. Do you know which character you resemble? Take our quiz to find out which Kakegurui character you're most like.

Fun Facts

Kakegurui is an anime series based on a manga written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Tōru Naomura. Despite initially having bad reviews when it debuted in 2017, the series quickly developed a dedicated fan base. Thanks to its popularity, Kakegurui spawned several spin-off animes, including a prequel, a video game and a live-action remake. A sequel to the live-action remake may be released in 2021.

Surprisingly, one poll found that Mary ranks as the fan-favorite. The primary character, Yumeko, only ranks as the fifth most popular. Kirari (at number two) and her twin sister, Ririka (at number four), also topped the central characters' popularity ratings. Some people believe Mary has the top spot because she's such a relatable character and she isn't rich. Her motivations are apparent and could be applied to almost anyone. Plus, she stars in the prequel of Kakegurui, giving fans more time to appreciate her.

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