Death Note is a complex, brutal anime without a lot of happy ending for its characters. It’s also enormously popular, as is the manga it is based on. The story has been adapted into four live-action films in Japan, one in America, and a live-action Japanese television drama, and it has also been given a sequel in a web miniseries. Other works in the franchise are being developed, as well. Death Note video games have also been made.

If you are a fan of the series, you have probably wondered what it would be like to live in the world of Death Note. Would you have the courage to stand up to someone wielding the awesome power of the Death Note? Would you use it yourself, even knowing the price? Which Death Note character are you most like? To find out the answer, take this fun and fascinating quiz we’ve written for you.

Fun Facts

Eager fans and critics have read all kind of themes and analogies into the story, but the author has said that he had no real themes in mind when he started writing, and that he was just trying to tell an entertaining story. However, he has also said that Near’s speech about good and evil was taken from his own beliefs, and that the series came to be about the evils of sitting in judgment on our fellow human beings.

The pilot story that was used to pitch the original manga was exceptionally difficult to write. The story intended for Death Note was complex, and doing a version that was simple enough for a pitch story nearly proved impossible. In order to accomplish it, the author had to drastically simplify it and use an idea called the Death Eraser that he later cut from the full series because he thought it was a cheap plot device.

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