The 80s was a musical era like no other. Coming at the end of the disco era, the 80s saw the rise of new wave, heavy metal, rap and synthpop. The 80s also saw the rise of stars who created hit after hit, with careers that continue into the present day. Not every 80s group was as lucky as that, though. Many of the decade’s most memorable (and most inexplicable) hits were one-hit wonders.

If you’re a fan of 80s music, you have good taste, as well as a high tolerance for keyboards and saxophones. You probably know all the biggest 80s musical acts, from Dio to Run DMC. How well do you really know 80s music, though? Does your knowledge go deeper than the most famous musicians? Do you also know the one-hit wonders of the era? Take our fantastically fun musical quiz and find out how much of an 80s music expert you really are.

Fun Facts

In many ways, the 80s marked the beginning of the modern music era, with the invention of music videos and acts that focused as much on the looks and personalities of the musicians as they did on the music those musicians made. No more would music be confined to the radio and live performances. The effect this had on popular culture was profound and difficult to describe, but it’s part of why the 80s is considered a legendary era for music today.

This new era of music proved so popular that it spawned the 80s trend of famous actors and even comedians trying to break into the music business by recording their own albums. They hoped that by appearing in music videos their famous faces would get people to pay attention. Unsurprisingly, the trend was responsible for many of the decade’s one-hit wonders. None of these celebrities who tried managed to turn their hits or their star power into full musical careers, though.

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