The 1980s were a time of experimentation with music, fashion and lifestyles in general. And rock was at the forefront of '80s music. Although hair metal was all the rage, giant leaps made in the 80s would set the stage for the coming decades in other rock genres, including punk, arena rock and heavy metal.

The musicians were at the center of '80s rock. They ranged in personality, musical styles, appearance and backgrounds. However, together they rocked audiences around the world. Beyond live tours, these '80s rockers were on television, in magazines and posted in teenagers' bedrooms everywhere. Have you ever wondered which '80s rocker you were in a past life? Take our fun quiz to find out.

Fun Facts

Many rock artists today focus on getting top Billboard hits. But, most people don't realize that Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart didn't exist until 1981. Many famous '80s rockers had songs that topped this new hit list, and some set and broke records repeatedly.

For example, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers held the top spot for six weeks with their song, "The Waiting." The band also sat at number one for two weeks with "You Got Lucky" and for four weeks with "Jammin' Me." Van Halen's "(Oh) Pretty Woman" was the most popular song on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart for two weeks. Then, the band reached number one again and remained there for an incredible eight weeks with their hit single, "Jump."

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