One Direction was formed in 2010 after the five original members formed the band after auditioning for X Factor. Play our fun One Direction Member quiz and see which member of One Direction you resemble! The group was signed with Simon Cowell's record label when they finished third during the seventh series of X Factor. The band released five very well-received albums and toured the world extensively. It is thought that the band's success is largely due to how well received they were and also to the influence of social media.

One Direction did four world tours in five years, two of them being all-stadium. The Where We Are Tour set two major records including being the highest-grossing concert of 2014 and the highest-grossing tour by a vocal group in history. The band went on hiatus in 2016 so that members could work on solo projects. Original member, Zayn Malik, left the group abruptly in 2015 just a few months before the break. As of 2020, One Direction has sold over 70 million records. Have fun finding out which band member you are most like!

Fun Facts

The original members of One Direction auditioned as solo artists on X Factor in the UK and were eliminated early in the competition. Simon Cowell saw something in them and invited them back to compete together as a group along with fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger. This is how One Direction was born. The group placed third in the competition and signed a deal with Syco Records, Simon Cowell's label. Cowell has said it took him all of 10 minutes to come up with the idea for the boys to compete together.

In a 2019 interview with Jimmy Fallon, the band mentioned that Liam Payne's father had originally suggested that the band be called USP — an acronym for "Unique Selling Point." It didn't strike anyone as being good, so it was immediately rejected. It is actually Harry Styles who is credited with coming up with the name One Direction. He has said that it doesn't have any particularly special meaning.

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