Can We Guess Your Favorite One Direction Song? The boy band One Direction took the world by storm with their upbeat tunes and punchy lyrics. Their array of chart-topping hits appealed to a multitude of fans who watched them rise to success after their debut on The X Factor. With so many incredible hits from One Direction, fans frequently comment that it's impossible to choose a favorite.

In keeping with the style of most boy bands, One Direction's lyrics focus on love, crushes and breakups. The band took a hiatus in 2015, but rumors indicate there could be a reunion soon. Hopefully, they'll release another pop-rock song for everyone to enjoy, and it might even become a hit with fans. Take this fun quiz and let us guess which One Direction song is your favorite!

Fun Facts

Did you know that each of the members of One Direction all competed as solo contestants on the UK's The X Factor? None of them made it through, so they were given a lifeline by Simon Cowell and told to come back as a band. Despite not winning, they very quickly rose to stardom and gained many young fans around the world.

One Direction enjoyed several years of success before taking a hiatus. The most successful was 2011, when their debut single reached number one on the UK singles' chart. Did you know that all of the boys were between the ages of 16 and 19 when they became famous? A similar age to the band Simon Cowell famously compared them to, Take That.

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