Which Wings of Fire Dragon Species Are You? Written by Tui T. Sutherland, Wings of Fire is a series of fantasy novels that focuses on the dragon tribes of a land called Phyrria. The novels follow the stories of dragons involved in prophecies regarding royal succession and the associated wars. Netflix is set to host an animated television adaptation of the novels in coming years.

The dragons of Phyrria belong to many tribes, including the IceWings, MudWings and NightWings. Each tribe consists of a unique type of dragon and has its own distinctive culture, appearance and abilities. Members of each tribe also have their own personality traits. Which tribe do you belong to? Take this fun quiz to find out!

Fun Facts

There are dragon species other than the tribes on Phyrria. Another continent, called Pantala, is home to the SilkWing, LeafWing and HiveWing tribes, all of which appear more tropical and insectoid than their Phyrrian relatives. There are some instances of hybrid dragons as well, such as Typhoon, who's the offspring of SeaWing and IceWing parents. Although it's unclear if hybrid dragons can use a combination of abilities, Typhoon has both IceWing and SeaWing qualities in his appearance.

Dragons are known to breathe fire, but this isn’t true of all of the dragons on Phyrria. While some tribes, including NightWings, SkyWings and SandWings, can all breathe fire on demand, MugWings can only breathe fire when they're warm enough. IceWings have icy breath and RainWings have corrosive acid breath instead of fire. Tribes on Pantala likewise don't breathe fire and instead use poison or acid when attacking or in self-defense.

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