Which MHA Villain Are You? My Hero Academia follows the story of a young boy, Izuku Midoriya, born Quirkless in a world where those with Quirks become superpowered heroes or villains. However, his fate changes when All Might, Japan's greatest hero, scouts Izuku to become his successor. But to become a great hero, Izuku must face many dangerous villains. The series follows Izuku as he undergoes training with All Might and joins his friends in fighting powerful villains.

My Hero Academia includes a vast collection of criminals. Some are goofy and weak but still pose a threat, while others are dark and sadistic with sinister motives. While weaker villains, often ranked as C-class or lower, may have only petty goals, more powerful individuals, such as All For One and Nine, are bent on restructuring superhero society itself at any cost. Wondering which one you're the most like? Take this quiz to find out!

Fun Facts

My Hero Academia is largely inspired by superhero comics, such as Marvel and DC Comics. The villain Twice is thought to be an homage to the Marvel antihero, Deadpool. With his bright smile, brawny appearance and pursuit of justice, All Might aligns with the classic All-American superheroes, such as Superman and Captain America. Recognizable characters from the series were even used to promote Avengers: Infinity War.

While the meaning of All For One's name is obvious, many of the villains of My Hero Academia have names with underlying meanings. Tomura Shigaraki's first name, for example, means "funeral." Kurogiri's name means "black mist," while Dabi translates to "cremation." Twice's name refers to his Quirk, which allows him to create copies of himself and causes him to mentally struggle with what appears to be a split personality disorder.

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