What Divergent Faction Are You? Originally written by Veronica Roth in 2011, "Divergent" is a young adult dystopian fantasy series detailing the story of Beatrice "Tris" Prior as she navigates her new surroundings in the Dauntless faction. After passing her initiation in the faction, Tris discovers some of the horrifying truths about her society and works to thwart the genocidal plans of Jeanine Matthews, the power-hungry leader of the Erudite faction.

A large focus of the series is the five factions Chicago is divided into. Each faction holds one trait above all others. Abnegation values selflessness, Amity values peace, Candor values honesty, Dauntless values bravery and Erudite values knowledge. Some members of the community are known as "Divergent," which means that their mind doesn't fit into one of the existing factions. These individuals are feared by the community's leaders because of their potential to change the world they know. Take this quiz to find out which faction you belong in!

Fun Facts

Did you know that the cast of the first Divergent movie had to undergo some serious training to meet the requirements of the film? The movie featured some advanced hand-to-hand combat scenes, and its cast members only had five weeks to learn the choreography. In order to make it look realistic, each member was required to perform 90 minutes of cardio exercises and 15 minutes of knife practice every day.

The lead actress of the film, Shailene Woodley, auditioned for the role of Katniss Everdeen in "The Hunger Games" before taking on the role of Tris Prior. She lost out on the role to Jennifer Lawrence, who she then consulted with about taking the job in "Divergent!" It's hard to imagine either of these roles with different actresses now, though.

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