Are you a fan of Archie, Jughead and the gang? Head over to Pop's & play our Riverdale quiz to see which Riverdale character you would be! The town of Riverdale has many dark and mysterious secrets. Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead attempt to uncover the truth and protect their friends and community, but they soon find out that many secrets are even darker and weirder than they thought.

In this take on the traditionally wholesome world of Riverdale, the town's teens navigate classic small-town high school life with a layer of corruption and darkness. With all-American Archie, sophisticated Veronica, girl-next-door Betty, moody Jughead and other teens, there’s plenty of trouble to get into. Which character are you? Find out with our quiz!

Fun Facts

Riverdale, based on the classic Archie comic books, premiered in 2017. While the comics are a wholesome look into American small-town life, the TV series offers a weirder and darker take. Much of the show’s plot centers around sinister mysteries and the character’s attempts to solve them.

The show makes a few throwbacks to the original comics. In the show, Jughead Jones wears a beanie that resembles a crown, much like the crown Jughead wears in the comics. In one episode, Archie has a fake ID with the name of Wilber Wilkin, an obscure character from the comics. Riverdale is also known for making many references and Easter eggs to other popular movies and TV shows.

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