Take our Bridgerton Character Quiz and see which Bridgerton character you would be! Bridgerton is a Netflix original period drama set in Regency-era London. The story takes place during the high society social season of 1813. Though not meant to be strictly historical, the sumptuous world created here includes sparkling ballrooms, sprawling palaces and all the drama and power struggles that ensue there. The intricate rules of London high society make it impossible for the characters to ever be truly at ease. The whole concept of the show has been extremely popular since its release.

Based on a best-selling novel series by author, Julia Quinn, Bridgerton premiered on Christmas Day in late 2020 and became the most watched debut show on Netflix to date. It surpassed the original expectations by 20 million household streams in its first 30 days on the platform. The Bridgertons are the powerful family at the heart of the show. The series will be following the eight siblings in their respective searches for love, romance and adventure. Have fun finding out which Bridgerton character you're most like!

Fun Facts

Julia Quinn's original Bridgerton novels don't include Queen Charlotte. She's a new character based on a real person. There has been a lot of healthy debate about the historical Queen Charlotte's ethnicity. It's believed that she was the first biracial member of the British royal family. A family tree showing a particular branch of the Portuguese Royal House and several important historical portraits support this interesting theory. With all the buzz around Bridgerton, the ongoing debate has found new fuel.

The portrayal of Queen Charlotte in the Bridgerton series is somewhat true to history. She was involved in the London social scene during the Regency era, and was very much a part of high-society events. The real Queen Charlotte also absolutely adored Pomeranians. She owned several throughout her life, and often gave them away to friends and acquaintances. Additionally, the real Queen Charlotte really did love snuff. This unusual tobacco habit earned her the nickname, 'Snuffy Charlotte.'

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