Stranger Things is an immensely popular sci-fi-horror series on Netflix that is set in the 1980s. It has a large cast with three main groups of protagonists: a group of children, a group of older teens, and a group of adults. Each group has its own storyline, although they frequently intersect. The show takes great pains to make everything seem an authentic part of its 80s setting, including artificially adding 80s-era film grain effects to make it look like a TV show shot during that time. The care the show takes with the details is a big part of its charm.

The show begins with the disappearance of a child and how the search to find him uncovers a vast conspiracy and many stranger things. In future seasons, it branches out into stories on otherworldly threats, Russian spies and the perils of growing up. If you are one of the show’s millions of devoted fans, you probably have seen every episode, possibly more than once. Think you know everything there is to know about the show? Well, we've put together this entertaining little quiz to help you find out.

Fun Facts

Not only is the show set in the 80s, but it's also a loving homage to the pop culture of the 80s. Steven King, John Carpenter and Ridley Scott are referenced frequently. Many of the characters are named after actors and directors who were big then, and many of the stories took iconic elements from books and movies of that era. Several of the older actors on the show were popular actors in the 80s.

The series was originally going to be called Montauk, and it was going to be set in the real-life town of Montauk, New York. However, after seeing what winters were like in the town, the Duffer brothers realized that filming would be difficult for much of the year. They decided to switch the location to the fictional town of Hawkins and changed the name to a line from a famous Shakespeare play.

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