Friends was one of the most popular sitcoms of the 1990s. When Friends aired its final episode on May 6, 2004, more than 52 million Americans tuned in to watch, making it the fourth most-watched series finale in television history.  The show spawned popular catchphrases, won awards and critical praise and even inspired a haircut. The reruns are as popular as ever, and fans have been longing for the cast to come together for a reunion show.

How much of a true Friends fanatic are you? Take this quiz to see if you would fit in with the gang on the couch at Central Perk talking about your love life, the job you hate and your pet monkey. Chances are you'll never be able to afford a New York City apartment like the ones they lived in, but you can find out if you could be their best friend forever.

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Fun Facts

Although it's hard to imagine the show being called anything but Friends, that wasn't the case when the show was originally conceived. When it was first pitched to NBC executives, the creators called it Insomnia Cafe. The executives liked the idea, but as the show developed, the name was first changed to Friends Like Us and then switched to Six of One before settling on the current title we all know and love.

Although Friends mostly takes place in New York City, it was filmed in Southern California. The classic fountain scene in the opening title sequence was shot at the Warner Bros. Ranch in Burbank, California.  Even though the Central Perk coffee shop is a key location for the show, it was almost left out of the storyline. Executives originally thought a coffee shop would be considered too hip and lobbied for the gang to hang out at a diner instead. They eventually agreed to a coffee shop location, and Gunther couldn't have been happier.

How to Play

This quiz style has points! The first question will be worth 100 points. If you get it correct, you'll build up your Streak Multiplier to 2X, making your second question worth 200 points.

If you get the next question correct, you'll build up your Streak Multiplier to 3X, making the next question worth 300 points. See if you can get on a 25X streak...there will be a special message for you!

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