Which Celebrity Are You? They make us laugh. They make us cry. They make us want to eat as much popcorn as possible while we watch their exploits on the big screen. Since the dawn of film, Hollywood celebrities have been larger-than-life figures entertaining anyone willing to buy a ticket to their shows. Not only do we as a society love what they contribute on film, but we are also fascinated with their private lives. If you do not want to be a celebrity, then most likely you want to be friends with a celebrity.

Many people imagine what celebrity life would be like. The screaming fans, the shouting paparazzi, the red carpet walks, the giant mansion next to the ocean. Their lives seem so much more glamorous than most of our ordinary lives. But which Hollywood heavyweight are you most like? Take this fun quiz to see if you most resemble one of today's hottest stars or one of the classic celebs from Tinsel Town's golden years.

Fun Facts

Many of us dream about what it would be like to be a celebrity. The big paychecks. All the assistants waiting on your beck and call. Makeup artists who only have one job: making you look good. But another part of the allure of being a star is that no matter what you ask for on the set, some assistant is standing nearby to make sure all your demands and desires are satisfied.

Jennifer Lopez once asked for a trailer with all white flowers, tables, and drapes. Kanye West reportedly will not let his drivers wear anything but cotton. Will Farrell once requested a scooter with painted rainbow wheels on one of his movie sets. The late, great Prince liked having empty tables at the entrances to all his shows so his fans could leave him presents. And then there is Christina Aguilera, who likes to have a bottle of Flintstones vitamins backstage at all her shows.

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This little rascal is a real trail blazer pioneer in the world of online quizzes. She’s got a keen eye for detail and we recommend reading all of the answers on her quizzes before making your selection because you may just find that her detailed quiz answers are pretty on point. Growing up with so many younger siblings, Britney remembers days of playing Teacher where she would give unannounced pop quizzes to her younger brothers and sisters. She’d sit them in their chairs, time their quizzes, and hand out stickers to the winners. Britney reports that the kids that didn’t win would often be answers in her future quizzes, and not in a good way. Watch out for Britney, she’s a bit of a tricky peach.

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